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Internet Services Provider

GigaService borns by collaboration of 3 young boys qualified into informatic sector.
Our Servers are located in webfarm in Hungary and Austria with connectivity guaranteed at 1000 Mbit/s (in Hungary) and 100 Mbit/s (in Austria).
We offer many services including: Virtual Dedicated Servers(VDS) , Shell Hosting , Botnet rent, psyBNC Hosting , psyBNC locked Hosting , Ircd Hosting , Web Hosting and Radio Hosting at very competitive prices and among the lowest on the market.
Through the execution of stringent tests, the reliability and stability of our servers is guaranteed. Even against DDOS attacks (Denial of Service), our routers , through a special system firewalling, are able to instantly stop the DDOS attack and reduce the damage to a minimum. This tool against Doss , called " null-route ", is able to quickly deactivate the ip attacked, so that others ip aren't affected and so it does not create a total disservice of network. For this reason, it follows that will there be greater uptime and less downtime. In addition we have panels highly professional , NOC (Network Operation Center). These panels track constantly all our services and are able to monitor and manage also the network/traffic. The network/traffic also is managed by an other panel that track the attacks of dDOS (Denial of service).
We are aware that we can meet the demands of the user, through the assistance and the communication with professionality.

PsyBNC Hosting
1 ident
1 connessione IRC
1 ipv6 privato
1 v-host personale

IRCd Hosting
2 Processi (1 ircd,1 services)
1 IPv4 privato
150 MB di spazio - Banda 100 MBit
Accesso SSH/FTP

Shell Hosting
1 Processo - Accesso SSH/FTP
1 IPv6 privato
V-host pubblici IPv4/IPv6
1 v-host personale
25 MB di spazio - Banda 100 MBit

RAM : 128 MB + swap
HD: 5 GB
Banda 100 MBit - traff. illimitato
Connessioni ipv4/ipv6

Ultime News

Image description > [ 24/02/2019 11:36:33 ] New i-line

New i-line on ircnet server: *.at and *.de For info and price send mail at: support@gigaservice.hu